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192 Chivalry Road

Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

Would you like to increase your flexibility and vitality?

Julianne Harvey

Lower Back Pain? Achy Hips? Can't Turn Your Head?

Do you have difficulty pulling your socks on?

Or difficulty getting out of your chair?

Or sciatic-like pain?

Using specific Neuromuscular Therapy massage techniques we can reduce pain and improve flexibility within a short space of time, often within one appointment. 'Aches' indicate muscle pain rather than joint or bone pain, and can be easily and efficiently relaxed with massage.  You will feel better!

Here at the Harvey Centre we are committed to preventative care.  When you step foot into our centre, you can take a deep breath and relax, knowing that you are in good hands.  Whether it is stress, anxiety, specific aches and pains or you simply need some time to escape and regain some balance, Julianne Harvey will be able to help you address the issues, reduce your level of pain and assist you with the quality of care you deserve.  

Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage and Hot Volcanic Stone Massage techniques could all be used to help reduce your level of pain.  

Julianne Harvey is in Glenfield on Auckland's North Shore, at 192 Chivalry Road, with of free parking on the street.   If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact her on 021 986 895 or email her here.

Julianne Harvey

Introducing the Turn Around Programme:

Your 8 Week Treatment Plan back to better flexibility and agility, whilst getting rid of your body’s aches and pains!

I’m so excited to share this new treatment programme with you. You’ll be receiving TWO massage treatments per week for EIGHT weeks - can you imagine how much better you’ll feel after that!

Are you tired of feeling so achy and stuck?

Here’s your chance to do an 8 week intensive Massage & Neuromuscular course of treatments that will accelerate you back to a better body and state of mind.

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